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The SRP 'Demographic and Social Challenges of the 21st Century' is part of the Interface Demography (ID) research group. ID is a center at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) that specializes in socio-demographic research. Central to our research program are the terms 'social sustainability' and 'social justice'. We hereby refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Social sustainability and social justice are about equality, and above all about equal rights and opportunities for all sections of the population to meet basic needs. These basic needs refer here to an acceptable quality of life in terms of environment, health, employment, human rights and diversity. It is therefore no coincidence that these domains are central to the six 'research domains' of ID:

(1) sustainable labor and employment;

(2) a sustainable living environment;

(3) just and non-discriminatory social relations;

(4) global population issues and migration;

(5) inequalities in health and mortality and

(6) and research data management and knowledge.


We aim to create the 'fertile context', which is necessary for ID to further develop into one of the most important European centers for socio-demographic research. We create a stable and stimulating research environment, by investing in our databases, coaching our researchers and fine-tuning our communication strategy and the image of our center among policy makers and the public. big public. Second, we stimulate new research. Among other things, a new data collection project on the living and working conditions of the current large migrant groups in Belgium will be launched. 

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