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We read and hear about "Open Science" everywhere, yet, still, no consensus is there on how to make it work. As a researcher and a mentor, I ensure transparency, accessibility, fairness and reproductivity for the research and teaching activities I am involved with. I try to publish more and more in open access outlets, and my 2023 resolution is to also have preprints, which are not very common in social sciences.

To bring science to other stakeholders in many settings, I try to contribute to creating synergy and boosting collaboration. As an outreacher, I have also hold advisory and consulting roles in numerous national and international institutes and projects.


Not by not least, I value public outreach and engagement highly. You can find links to the recordings of some of my talks/lectures/seminars below.  To share the findings of my projects and/or my knowledge and experiences,  try to address all invitations (within my limitations) for scientific and public events not only in Europe but also in developing countries.  If interested in my scientific work and expertise, you can reach out to me through the contact page.

Open Access Datasets


  • The Woman in Big Data - Brussels Podcast: Data, Humanitarian Aid and Migration [Link to the recording]

  • Borders and Belongings Podcast by Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration Program & Open Democracy - The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in migration governance [Link to the recording]

  • BIRMM Migration Talks - Big data and artificial intelligence for migration research [Link to the recording]

Organised Workshops/Conferences/Panels


  • "Making the most of mobile phone data to map migration". HumMingBird Expert Workshop, Istanbul, November 17-18, 2022. With Albert Ali Salah. 

  • "New data and methods for migration studies: going beyond traditional data sources". Expert Workshop , Paris. October 9-10, 2022. Jointly organised by HumMingBird, SoBigData++, Paris School of Economics and Sorbonne University

  • "Big Data Analytics for Migration Indicators". 19th IMISCOE Annual Conference Migration and Time: Temporalities of Mobility, Governance, and Resistance, Oslo, June 29 - July 1, 2022.

  • "Policy as a Temporal Force on Gendered Migration". 19th IMISCOE Annual Conference Migration and Time: Temporalities of Mobility, Governance, and Resistance, Oslo, June 29 - July 1, 2022. With Sinem Yilmaz.

  • “Mind the Gap: Critical Perspectives on Migration Theories and Data”. HumMingBird Expert Workshop, Online, December 3-4, 2020. With Ahmad Yar A.W.

  • “Human migration - potential areas for combinations of big data”. HumMingBird Expert Workshop at the 12th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo 2020), Pisa, October 6-9, 2020. With Arcila Calderón, C. Kim, J. Sirbu, A

  • “Big Data and New Methodologies: Public Perception and Attitudes towards Migration”. Panel at the 73rd Conference of the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), Salamanca, Spain, October 6-9, 2020. With Arcila Calderón, C.

  • “Mobilities and Immobilities in Pandemic times”. Panel 17th IMISCOE Annual Conference Mobilities and Immobilities in Pandemic times, Online, July 1-2, 2020. With Salah, A.A.

  • “Old Definitions and New Methodologies: Migration and Big Data”. Panel at the International Forum for Migration Statistics, Cairo, Egypt, January 19-21, 2020.

  • “Rights of Migrants”. InGRID-2 Expert Workshop. Leuven, 23-25 January 2019.

Invited Talks and Seminars

  • Promises and Perils of Big Data to Study Migration: Case of Sub-Saharan Africa. Event "Workshop on the Future of Human Mobility",23Keynote Speech, Brussels, 20 April 2023, BD4M (IOM, JRC, GovLab).)il 20

  • Mixed Blessings: Big Data and AI for Migration. Webinar. Online, 15 November 2022. VAIA - Flanders AI Academy.

  • Migration Dialogue on female researchers in transnational academic mobility. Online, 10 November 2022, IMISCOE Standing Committee “Gender and Sexuality in Migration Research” (GenSeM).

  • Computational Social Science and Interdisciplinary Empirical Research. Computational Social Sciences Summit, Online, 11-12 December 2021, Bilkent University Social Sciences Research Society. [Link to the recording]

  • Realising the Premises of Big Data and AI for Migration. Event “AI, Big Data to Study Migration”, Keynote  Speech, Brussels, 7 December 2021, FARI - AI for the Common Good Institute.

  • Ethical principles and fundamental rights considerations in data innovation for migration policy, Moderator, Harnessing data innovation for migration policy in Europe and Africa: State of the art and future directions, Expert-level Event, Berlin, 29 November 2021, Big Data for Migration Alliance (BD4M). [Link to the recording]

  • Strengthening the EU-Turkey Migration Cooperation: The Way Forward, Brussels, 15 October 2021, Avenues of Cooperation between the European Union and Turkey in the Area of Migration, Dialogue for Europe.

  • Big Data for Studying Human Migration, Guest Lecture, Online, 18 June 2021, Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS)-Istanbul. [Link to the recording]

  • Big Data for Migration Statistics: The HumMingBird Project, Guest Lecture, Online, 26 May 2021, Swedish Demography Foundation.

  • Using Big Data and mixed methods in migration studies. Migration Academy, Keynote Speech, Online, 5 May 2021, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (SGDD-ASAM).

  • Kimin için R? (R for whom?). WhyR? Turkey Conference, 16-17-18 April 2021, Why R Foundation. [Link to the recording]

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Social Sciences. BireBir (One-to-One) Webinar Series of the Center of Migration and Urban Studies Online, 30 March 2021, Bahçeşehir University. [Link to the recording]

  • Reflections on Gender biased AI. Guest Lecture. Gender, Technology & Law Sessions, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Online, 23 March  2021.

  • Big Data and Migration Nexus: Opportunities and Challenges. Guest Lecture, Online, March 11 2021, New Technologies and People on the Move, Oxford University.

  • What can satellites bring to Social Sciences?. Webinar, Online, January 19 2021, Remote Sensing Image Analysis (RSiM) Group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technische Universität Berlin.

  • AI and Big Data Analytics in Migration Studies. Keynote Speech, Webinar, Jean Monnet Chair on Migration in EU-Turkey Relations, Yasar University, Online, December 17, 2020.

  • Big Data for Migration Studies. Webinar, Expert Webinars Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw, Online, October 27, 2020.

  • Big Data for Migration Studies. Webinar, Expert Webinars Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw, Online, October 27, 2020. [Link to the recording]

  • Big Data and Labour Migration. Keynote Speech, InGRID-2 Expert Workshop 'Big data and labour markets: Understanding precariousness', Online, October 26, 2020.

  • Can Big Data Bridge Gaps in Migration Statistics? Webinar, SoBigData++ Migration Studies Webinars, Online, September 28, 2020. [Link to the recording]

  • Will AI be Still “Intelligent” without Social Sciences? Seminar, European Social and Population Issues, Brussels, Belgium, March 4, 2020.

  • Philosophical Practices of the Turkish Diaspora in Western Europe. Seminar, Actuele Welzijnsproblemen, Brussels, Belgium, March 4, 2020.

  • Big Data for Migration Measures. Keynote Speech, Future values training: European sentiment in Turkey among opinion-shapers and youth leaders 2019-2020, Brussels, Belgium, October 30, 2019.

  • Why do AI and Big Data Need Social Sciences? Plenary Speech, DiSummit Being Human in the Age of AI, Brussels, Belgium, June 26, 2019. [Link to the recording]

  • How Well Do We Know About the Migrants’ Well-Being? Representation of Migrants in Large-Scale Surveys’. Keynote Speech, InGRID-2 Summer School, Berlin, Germany, October 22-25, 2018.

  • Micro Data for Quality of Life Indicators and Their Representativeness for Migrants. Plenary Speech, InGRID-2 Expert workshop 'Methods and data infrastructure to measure the quality of life of various vulnerable groups: extending IPOLIS', Budapest, Hungary, 25-27 April 2018.

  • Nicaise I., Bircan T. (2017). Plenary Speech, Data gaps in poverty research. InGRID I Final Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 17 January 2017. With Nicaise, I.

  • “Reaching out to hard-to-survey groups among the poor”. InGRID Summer School. Leuven, 30 May-June 3, 2016.

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