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Being an interdisciplinary scholar is not different from being a migrant.

Neither of the societies/disciplines embraces you fully and each of them claims that you better fit/belong to the other one.

I believe that it is not fair to limit the research activities to the funded projects only since most of the research-related work by me and my collaborators also occurs as a preparation for future research and/or frequently depends on extra personal efforts alongside the various ongoing projects and academic responsibilities. Although the list below is not representative for numerous research activities/attempts of varied scales for more than a decade, it summarises the most prominent research projects based on won grants that I either lead/led or was/have been part of:


Ongoing Projects


SeLiS: Segregation through Space and Life: Ethnic residential segregation from a longitudinal life course, intersectional and experience-based perspective -FWO, 2024-2028, Co-coordinator


From Camp to Campus: Social Investment in Refugees and Newcomers through Higher Education - FWO SBO 2023-2027, WP Leader


DE-CONSPIRATOR: Detecting and Countering iNformation SuppressIon from A Transnational Perspective - Horizon Europe 2023-2026, National PI & WP Leader

CLIMB: Climate-Induced Migration in Africa and Beyond: Big Data and Predictive Analytics - Belmont Foundation 2023-2026, Co-coordinator

Public Engagement with and Attitudes towards New Technologies and AI - Kavli Research Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public 2022-2026, Quantitative Research Lead

MirreM: Measuring Irregular Migration and Related Policies - Horizon Europe EU 2022-2025, National PI

Strategic Research Programme: Demographic and Societal Challenges of the 21st Century Stage 2- VUB 2022-2027, Co-promoter

Completed Projects


HumMingBird: Enhanced Migration Measures from a Multidimensional Perspective – Horizon2020 EU 2019-2023, Scientific Coordinator


Barometer: People with a Migration Background in the Belgian Labor Market - King Baudouin Foundation 2022-2023, Scientific Coordinator


STAT4UN Quality and Reliable Statistical Services for All UNICEF Domains – LTAS UNICEF 2019-2022, Scientific Coordinator


Demographic Challenges of the 21st Century Stage 1– Strategic Research Program Free University of Brussels 2019-2022,  Research Coordinator and Data Manager

Study on the Feasibility of a Child Guarantee for Vulnerable Children (FSCG) Project – EC DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion EU Senior 2018-2020, Research Fellow – Migrant Children Expert


Integrating Research Infrastructure for European Expertise on Inclusive Growth from Data to Policy (InGRID-2) Project – H2020 EU Senior Research Fellow - 2017-2021, Project Coordination Team


Investing in Refugees: The Role of the Universities – Action Plan VLIR 2017-2019, Senior Research Fellow - Project Coordination Team


Measuring Homelessness in Belgium (MEHOBEL) Project - BRAIN-be BELSPO 2017-2018. Senior Research Fellow


Rebuilding an Inclusive, Value Based Europe of Solidarity and Trust Through Social Investments (Re-InVEST) Project – Horizon2020 EU 2016-2019, Senior Research Fellow - Project Coordination Team  


Curriculum and Quality Analysis and Impact Review of European Early Childhood Education and Care (CARE) Project – FP7 EU 2016-2017, Senior Research Fellow – Data and Methodology


Inclusive Growth Research Infrastructure Diffusion (InGRID) Project – H2020 EU 2015-2016, Senior Research Fellow


Crime and Economic Factors in Turkey: A Spatial Approach – TÜBITAK Turkey 2014-2015, Principal Investigator - Project Director


Political Economy Determinants of Private Sector Dynamism in The European Research Forum (ERF) Region Project - ERF 2014-2015 , Senior Research Fellow - Data and Methodology


International Max Planck Information System for Comparative Criminal Law – Max Planck Institute Germany 2014-2015, Senior Research Fellow – Data Collection, Management and Analysis Team (Turkey)


“3 Kumbara” (3 Piggy Banks) Financial Literacy Education for Children Project - Doğuş Group Turkey 2014-2015, Senior Research Fellow - Program Measurement and Assessment Design Team


Social Cohesion Indicators in Flanders Project - IWT Belgium 2007-2012, Research Fellow - Project Coordination Team


Caucasian Boundaries and Citizenship from Below Project Max Planck Institute Germany 2005-2009, Social Statistician / Consultant – Data Management and Quantitative Analysis


Kinship and Social Security – F6 EU 2005-2007, Social Statistician - Project Coordination Team

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